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 Here we go, first sim upload! :D

Lucius was created for a sim challenge on Garden Of Shadows: the prompts he's based on are 'mephistophelean' and 'eros'. 
Preview pics, story, CC list and download link under the cut! :D

Copy-pasting his story from Garden Of Shadows, 'cos I'm too lazy to write it differently XD

Don't let him deceive you with that angel face and the beautiful blue eyes: he's nothing more than a soulless demon... literally. Lucius (that's how he likes to be called) has been sent to earth in human form with a precise task to do: tempting young women 'till they fall in love with him, to the point that they'd commit any possible sin to be with him forever. He loves to break young couples, cause jealousy and envy, destroy lives and finally lead his victims to suicide. The torture goes on slowly and always starts under the mask of pleasure. With his interesting conversations, the great music skills and some charming, old-fashioned manners, it's really easy for him to win a woman's heart. He's a merciless creature and he enjoys seeing his victims slowly destroying their own lives for him under the promise of an eternal love.


CC list

Eyebrows by Helaene (Epsilon brows for males)
Non-default skin by Subaxi (however, the sim is packaged with default skintone for easy use. That means that you'll have to change his skin manually once you're in game, but, at least, if you decide to not download the non-default and/or non-default skins get fucked for some reason, you won't end up with a borked/all black sim)
Eyebags by Arisuka
Stubble by bocboc256
Hair originally by Peggy, retextured by Anubis
Oh My Eyes contacts by escand
Natural lipcolor by Arisuka

Jeans by Aikea Guinea
Leather pants by Aikea Guinea (used for formal clothes)
Sunglasses by EsmeraldaF (used for swimwear)

...All the rest is from Base Game and/or Late Night =) if you don't have the Expansion Pack, I have included a download link with Base Game clothes only =)

Mods and Hacks used
Note: none of these are actually needed for the sim to show up correctly in game, he will work fine even if you don't have slider hacks and/or additional sliders... just, if you don't have the hacks, don't change him, or he may turn out weird XD

AwesomeMod's x3 slider hack. AwesomeMod also removes the limit to the number of custom sliders you can have in game. 
Facial sliders by Ahmad. I used brow thickness, jaw line width and chin width.
Chin cleft slider by TumTum



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