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Merry Christmas! + Peter Steele sim up for download

Back again after ages! Apparently, looks like my "shiny new computer" doesn't want to let me use the Photoshop .dds plug-ins, so that my career as clothing/tattoo maker for TS3 is basically finished until I learn how to use some other software to handle that kind of file. Something that is taking me more time than I'd like, lol.
At least... I can still work on sims :D So, here we go: here's something I started working on *ages* ago (sounds new, heh?). I'm not sure it's 100% perfect, to be honest, but I got quite a few requests for him on Tumblr, so I guess I'd finally go and upload him.
Ladies and gentleman... Peter Steele sim up for download!
With my best wishes for a merry Christmas, also :)

As usual, the sim comes packaged with default skin, hair and clothes, but you will still find his custom content and sliders INCLUDED with the download.

In case I forgot to include anything in the upload, here's the full CC list:

Skin by Navetsea

Tiffany glaze eyes by escand

Eyebags by Arisuka

Nose contour & tired eyes mask by Arisuka

Natural lip color b Arisuka

Brows by Watermelon field

Hair by Peggy, retexture by Anubis

Body Hair by TummyZa

Tattoo by silverfox


Face sliders by Ahmad

Head shape slider by johna

Chin width slider by GnatGoSplat

Chin Cleft b TumTum

Chin to neck line slider by Heiret

Body sliders by johna

A slider hack of sorts is recommended.

How to install:
Extract the .rar folder and place the .sim file in your SavedSims folder in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3
If you don't have a SavedSims folder yet, you can create it yourself :D



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