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I'm back! + DJ Ashba sim & bonus tattoos :D
Soooooooooo... been a while since the last time here, huh?
Well, this time I have to blame it on my computer, which just decided to die. No sims for quite a few months, and no new creations either D: buuuuuuuut... I finally got a shiny new computer, and although I still can't promise that this blog will be updated very often, I'll still try to keep it alive.
Starting from now! I already got a few requests to upload my DJ Ashba sim, and after a very long wait... the time has come! Pictures, links and random infos under the cut :D

Custom content

Beware: the sim is uploaded with base game hair, skin and clothes. This means that, when you get him in your game, you'll see him like this. Also, I couldn't find the original links to download his hair and eyebrows, so I included them in the download folder.

Skin by Mel Calero

Eye contacts by escand

Lips by The Sims World

Beard by Arisuka

Eyebrows by Helaene - included in the download

Hair conversion by Man - included in the download

Tattoos by XJonasX

Layerable piercings by winry (nose piercing as bracelet, mouth piercing as left ear earring)

Additional tattoos:
Together with the hair and eyebrows, you'll also find two bonus tattoos, both based on Mr Ashba's actual tattoos. They are not included with the sim and it's not necessary to have them for the sim to work, but I still included them in the folder in case you like them :D Both tattoos have only one recolorable channel and are for guys & girls.

Hacks & sliders:
Facial sliders by Ahmad
Chin cleft slider by My Blue Book
Chin to neck slider by Heiret
A slider hack is recommended

Random stuff shown in screenshots, not needed for the sim to show up:

Cross necklace by Sasha J

Open shirt by Lady Frontbum

Unedited pics:

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is awesome how to install it? please

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