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Peggy/Savio hair 455 for guys + some Cure shirts

I’m having some connection problems, lately, which is why I kinda disappeared from the net D:
Taking advance of one of the few moments I can use to stay connected, then!

Here’s some old stuff I’ve been planning to upload for ages. The first one is a ftm conversion of a Savio hair (well, the original mesh was by Peggy, but Savio did the TS3 conversion, as far as I know). It’s the same hair you’ve seen on my “80s Nikki Sixx” sim in the previous upload, NikiNoir asked me to upload it and... finally here we go, with a huuuuuuuuge late! D:

First... the hair conversion! Just like I did with the previous mesh, I simply enabled it for males. The hair looks pretty good on all body shapes, there are only some minor clipping effects on the neck, but again, they’re not really terrible (forgot to take pics of the clipping parts, this time, hope you will forgive me). The one thing that really bothers me, though, is that the hair sits VERY high on the forehead. The female version of the mesh had the same problem, too :/
You can kinda fix it using the hair on sims with lower foreheads. You will probably never end up with a 100% human forehead, but you can still manage to reduce a little the Frankenstein effect .___. (Hopefully, the day I’ll learn how to make hair meshes, I will fix it and re-upload an updated version).


Second upload, now! Some Cure shirts. I guess there are already some Cure-themed shirts around, however, I never found a full set. This was originally supposed to be a set for both males and females, then laziness won and I ended up doing only male shirts. 3 different prints, 1 recolourable channel. Since I completely fail at making recolourable print designs, I made two variations for the logos: a black one and a white one. XD Have fun! 8)

All shirts (in a rather creepy collage) & recolors


Additional notes:
-Feel free whatever you want with these, just don't claim them as your own and remember to give the right credit :)
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