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Peggy Hair 7662 - Enabled for guys!

After seeing a few female hairs enabled for males on MTS, I decided to try the same. As you may have guessed, I have a *huge* thing for long haired sim guys, and in countless occasions I found myself drooling over some female hair meshes I thought would have looked just perfect on males! Point is, at the time I didn't know that some of these meshes could be simply converted using CTU. The one I'm presenting here is one of these :D

The hair works from teens to elders, and uses Anubis' retexture/fixed mesh... which I guess you'll need to download from here (EA's highlights version).  I don't really know if it works without Anubis' file, in case it does... let me know! :D
The polycount is the same as the original hair (copy-pasting from Anubis' blog: around 10000+ polys for HQ and 5900+ polys for LQ).
The hair looks pretty nice with the majority of body shapes, save for some minor clipping on bigger body shapes.
That said... hope you'll like it, anyway :D have fun ^^
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