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TS2 to TS3 - Warpaint conversion
Something I've been wanting in my game for ages. The conversion was actually pretty damn easy to make, but hey, throwing it here in case someone needs it :D

The warpaint is categorized as "costume make up", so that you can basically wear it with any other kind of make up, be it eyeliner, lipstick or blush. Blush tends to partially overlap the warpaint, but using the opacity tool makes it less noticeable. One recolourable channel, works for teens to elders, both males and females. I completely forgot to enable it for kids, sorry D: if you need, feel free to ask for a kids version, too... or to make your own! :)

As it often happens with make up, it will look slightly different depending on the face sculpt of the sim. Very low cheekbones mean a very low warpaint design, puffy cheeks will make it "curve" in some particular ways and so on.

Use and abuse at your own will, feel free to modify as you wish and, most important... have fun! :D

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I would DIE if you made this sim available for download. The one I have just doesnt satisfy me. Also this hair doesn't work in my game! :(

D'aaaaw, that's too bad about the hair! D: I guess that's because it was linked to Savio's original mesh, which now is nowhere to be found ç____ç I will try to fix that! As for the sim... wait, did you send me a message on Tumblr as well? :D Anyway, as I said there, the sim is the same as the one found on MTS, only with different hair/eyebrows/makeup. If needed, however, I could still upload this version once I fix his hair! ^________^

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