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Peggy hair... Pooklet'd :D

Yay, an upload for TS2, at last! Peggy did these really nice hair lately, but the original textures bothered me to death, so I decided to make a Pooklet'd version of them... I also altered a bit the colours of her original textures, so I guess this could be a retexture/recolour sort of work °° anyway, credit goes to Peggy for the meshes, Pooklet for the textures and... huh, me for the recolours? °°

The hair are for both males and females... meshes are included in the download files and the files are binned (yay me for finally being able to bin hair!) Here are the previews... below the images you'll find additional links to see bigger pics.

Female hair:

Male hair:
Tags: downloads, hair, recolour, retexture, the sims 2

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