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A couple of simple edits :D

 Yep, back again after a loooooooooong time! I finally managed to install TSR Workshop and I decided it's time to come back to creating some random stuff. While I have  a couple of more serious projects I'm working on, here are two simple edits I did to a couple of Sims 3 clothes. It's nothing complicated, really... basically, all I did was just ticking some boxes XD however, I thought that maybe someone could still find this stuff useful :D The first one is an edit of the "adult male loose shirt" that came out with Late Night EP: I always loved the mesh, but I'm not a fan of the horrible design with the muscles, which prevented me from using it on any of my sims. I know that tamo already did a default replacement recolour of this very same mesh, but I wanted a non-default version as well. Sooo... here it is :D

Comes with white, black and green as default colours, but you can recolour it as you wish. The file is in sims3.pack format, I may add a .package version if needed =) categories and ages are the same as the default shirt.

This is another very simple edit... a while ago, Aikea Guinea removed the gloves from the Store "af punk ripped t-shirt", but her version was only for adults and young adults. The thing I did here was simply enabling the textures so that they could work for teens (it took less than five seconds, really XD).  The file does not replace the original one or Aikea's edit, and the Store mesh is not included in the .package. You'll have to download the shirt from the Store in order to have this working!

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