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Merry Christmas! (+ new sim :D)

 Hi everyone! Been a while since I posted something on here... here I am again, though XD Just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy holidays! I also have a new sim for you!  ...Well, not so new, maybe XD I made her a few weeks ago, she was the second sim for GoS' december challenge, but haven't had the time to post her 'till now. So... here she is :D

Ruby Walker spent all her childhood in an orphanage. Her parents were killed in a fire that destroyed the whole house and left her as the only survivor, with a huge scar on her face. For years, she had to face a terrible sense of guilt, as she was told that she was probably the responsible of the fire. It was only in her twenties that she discovered the truth: the fire was the result of a revenge. Years before Ruby was born, her father collaborated with the police to get a serial killer arrested. Once the guy got out of jail, he finally got the chance to have his own revenge and set the house on fire. The whole thing was mistaken for an accident, and Ruby was considered the responsible of it. Now that she knows the truth, she's going to seek for the bastard and make him pay. Like an animal who's been in a cage for too long, who finally has the chance to eat its jailer alive, Ruby is going to let all of her rage out and make it explode once she gets her hands on the man who ruined her life.

CC list:
Eyebrows by subaxi
Hair conversion by Wojtek
Eyes by escand
Skin by Kanno, made non-default by Araenna (the sim is packaged with default skintone, though. Araenna's non-default conversion hasn't been updated to work with Late Night's additional muscle slider, as far as I know. Although this ain't a problem for me, as I'm still using that conversion, I figured it could have been a problem for someone, so that's one of the reasons why the sim is packaged with default skintone)
Gloves by me
Birthmark by Arnica (large one)
Stockings by robokitty
Shoes by Myos

Note: I couldn't figure to save my life where did I download those earrings, though D: searched all the way through My Sims 3 Blog, Rose, LemonLeaf, XM Sims, My Bluebook, Land of Woe and Masterings Blog, couldn't find anything. I could have sworn they were on LemonlLeaf, but apparently it ain't so :( if anyone knows where do they come from, please tell me... sorry! Apart from the accessories, all clothes come from Late Night expansion pack or Base Game. For those of you who don't have Late Night, there's a "Base Game only" sim download :D Have fun! =)

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